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Vevmo Revenge Logo
Format Reality
Created by cystic


Presented by cystic
Country of origin Worldwide
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 11
Running time 60 minutes including commercials
Vevmo Revenge Production
Original channel Vevmo

Vevmo Revenge

Vevmo Revenge is a alternate reality game show that takes place over the course of 1-2 months and is hosted by cystic. What started out as a joke to parody certain “events”, and as it grew in popularity, it “evolved” into an interactive forum game with role-playing elements involved. The title of the show was originally Fresh Meat 1.5 before it was renamed Vevmo Revenge by the show's 2nd season. Each season has supplied the show with a unique subtitle, such as "The Tomb". Each season consists of a format and theme whereby the subtitle is derived.

The 12th and most recent season, Free Agents, premiered on November 03, 2015.

Vevmo Revenge Seasons

# Title Year aired Location of the residence Winners
1 Vevmo Revenge: Fresh Meat 1.5 2009 Iceland molds13
2 Vevmo Revenge: The Coliseum 2009 Rome, Italy Olympians (DaCollegeKid, CrazyRealityGuy, producer88, LCBaby and faceless)
3 Vevmo Revenge: The Tomb 2009 Hurghada, Egypt Sinners (Dartagnan, dplayer18, faceless, molds13, tatertots, tjhallow and LCBaby)
4 Vevmo Revenge: The Citadel 2009 Nova Scotia, Canada dplayer18
5 Vevmo Revenge: The Chamber 2010 Cagayan Valley, Philippines

Players With The Most Prize Money

PlaceCast memberOriginal seasonChallenge WinsTotal Money Made
1 molds13VR1: FM 1.53/3$301,428
2 dplayer18VR2: The Coliseum2/3$159,428
3 facelessVR2: The Coliseum2/3$119,128
3 LCBabyVR2: The Coliseum2/3$119,128
4 CrazyRealityGuyVR2: The Coliseum1/3$73,714
4 producer88VR2: The Coliseum1/2$73,714
5 DaCollegeKidVR2: The Coliseum1/1$68,000

Challenge Records

Feat Male Cast Members Record Female Cast Members Record
Most Season Appearances colspan="1" rowspan="2"
Most Consecutive Seasons
Most Seasons Between Challenges
Most Seasons Won
Most Appearances in a Final
Most Seasons &
Never Eliminated in Challenge History
Most Elimination Rounds
in a Single Season
Most Elimination Wins in a Career

Cast Members

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